What did parents, teachers and authors say about My Ride With The Alien?…

“This delightful book is sure to pique your child’s interest in aliens and outer space. It provides a fun introduction to the solar system and includes some fascinating space facts.

After enjoying the book there are wealth of activities for children to explore and learn about our universe.”

Nina Lim

Parent and Children’s Book Author, Henrietta Is Hungry

“My kids were fascinated and really enjoyed it! They love the solar system and the planets, especially my son. My daughter is just as fascinated and was thrilled you included Pluto (she would like you to get them to make it a real planet again…)

It’s super cute and talks about ‘aliens’ without frightening kids at this age.

You give them lots to think about and encourage with facts about the planets without being too over their head. We are all space lovers, so I enjoyed it, too. It was great to see you incorporate an alien story with our solar system in a way that kids will learn without realizing it – making it fun for them although they walk away more knowledgeable. I see it being another hit and success for you!”

Charly James

Parent, OneAppyMama

“The adventure is so exciting that kids won’t realize that it’s highly educational. Love it! It makes the vast, cold solar system seem warm and accessible. I had fun building my planet.”

Elizabeth Norman Strikwerda

Content Director, ListPipe

“Very thorough, Lots to involve the young reader. Well done and fun.”

Bruce Batchelor

Publisher, Ago Publishing House

“My Ride With The Alien is a good and educational app that combines a fun story and educational fun facts about our solar system and planets!”

Melissa Northway

Book App Author/Founder Dandelion Moms, Dandelion Moms

“This app is well made and I really enjoyed it, it definitely passes the mom test. The sound effects throughout were excellent.”

Michelle Anaya

Author and Parent, AppyMom

My Ride With The Alien is a wonderfully entertaining and educational app for almost any elementary school aged child. The interactive pages are filled with fun information and memorable illustrations that are sure to entertain and capture the imagination of budding astronomers.”

Gretchen Wiltbank

Teacher, Special Education

“Really cute characters and educational concept if you integrate the learning with the story.”

Chris Pedersen

Book App Author, The Prisoner of Carrot Castle

“This has been one of the favorite stories around our household, in part, because we are all so excited about astronomy. We love to look at the stars and watch for the planets.

I wanted to create a fun way to inspire children to learn a little about our solar neighborhood, and the exciting things there are to wonder about. My Ride With The Alien is what I came up with, and I hope you like it.”

Cary Snowden

Book App Author, Marketer, Business Owner, My Ride With The Alien

“Simply laid out story. Exploration is always good.”

Gerry Renert

Book App Author, Brave Rooney

“It’s great for children of all ages! I read it with my nephews (ages 5 and 2) and they couldn’t get enough of it. It’s easy to follow and highly engaging. I loved how you integrated fiction and non-fiction in an exciting way, and I liked how the Learning Station was a little bit of a higher reading level to reach an older demographic. The story is fun, but they learned a lot along the way and enjoyed doing it!”

Leslie West

Teacher, 3rd Grade

“Great job Cary, really shows what you can do with TaleSpring. I really liked how you handled Pluto (for those of us who still resist the downgrade after learning there are 9 planets all through school!), the educational section and the build your own planet activity.

I really like the education section; it was fun. A highlight is the interactivity on each planet’s page. Well done.”

Karen Robertson

Parent, Consultant, and Children’s Book Author, Treasure Kai

My Ride With The Alien is a much needed science resource for students. It’s blend of fiction and non-fiction weaves a story of entertainment and education. I highly recommend it.

Consider offering curriculum on your website to educators so that they can take a 30 minute educational story and turn it into days or weeks of study. Excellent!”

Cyndie Sebourn

Teacher, Publisher, Consultant, Smarty Britches Series

“The colors and animation are gorgeous! It’s a wonderful encounter with an alien; who wouldn’t want to go in a spaceship through the solar system? Very creative and I loved the animation especially when the spaceship goes around the sun and gets smaller. The supplemental sections add value to the experience. Kids will love it.”

Rachelle W. Chuang

Teacher, College, Creative Writing