Zach Clough

zach-cloughZach Clough is the illustrator of My Ride With The Alien.

Zach’s love for drawing and art began the moment he picked up his first green crayon.  As far back as he can remember, he has always been drawing, doodling and sketching on anything he can find.

My Ride With The Alien is Zach’s second collaboration with children’s book author Cary Snowden. Zach holds illustration credits on The Day I Became A Pirate, an interactive book app for the iPad that won the Global eBook Awards Best Multimedia recognition.

Earlier, Zach designed and completed a full page comic book in the fifth grade and knew right then that he would either need to make a living from drawing pictures. Or become a hobo.

As a kid he had an obsession with Disney, Garfield, and all cartoons in general. During his senior year of high school he apprenticed with an illustrator from Disney and covered all four of his bedroom walls with murals from Disney movies. You can see a few photos of this among the many illustrations in his portfolio.

Ultimately required to put food on the table for his young family, he started working at the Hogle Zoo as a designer and illustrator for the art department. He has also worked for ad agencies, a home décor company and numerous other clients. He has been drawing and illustrating professionally for over 13 years and currently lives in Utah with his wife and 3 children.