My Ride With The Alien Children's Book for iPad
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An Entertaining Story and Educational Solar System Play Lab!

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“This app is well made and I really enjoyed it, it definitely passes the mom test. The sound effects throughout were excellent.”

Cover-AlienMy Ride With The Alien is an interactive children’s book app for the iPad.

About a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system, this kids book is fun and educational for ages 3 to 12.

The interactive book app features an educational overview of the solar system, interactive activity pages for each of the planets, and a unique Build Your Own Planet activity that lets younger readers use their imagination to come up with their own designs.

With over 370 tap-able items, this app is as entertaining as it is educational.


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Cover: My Ride With The Alien

This is the cover for the book app My Ride With The Alien.


Navigation offers a variety of options to explore, read, learn and play.

Girl Meets Alien

The characters meet for the very first time.

Spaceship Ride

The girl takes a ride through the solar system with the friendly alien.

All The Planets

All the planets, from one to almost nine (we included Pluto, too!)

Learning Station

The Learning Station provides an activity centered on each planet.

Planet Activities

Each planet activity includes actual images of the planet, and memorable facts.

Make Your Own

In the book, that alien shows a girl a new planet. You can make your own, too!


Instructions are provided to help you get a head start on navigation and what to expect.

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